APC Conference: #5 Reasons to attend

The Alternative Pharmacy Careers Conference promises to be a motivating and informative day, made by the students, for the students. We understand that each of you will be attracted to this event for individual reasons; perhaps you have just begun your degree and are unaware of all the exciting opportunities an MPharm can lead to. It might be that you’re a student in your third or final year, whose varying placements have left you unsure and indecisive.

One thing is for certain we have organised a day where great minds can come together to share insider knowledge, tips, stories and advice.

Still unsure? Here are 5 things you will miss out on if you do not attend the APC Conference 2016.

5. Networking 

Get to know people outside of your school and network and build mutually beneficial relationships. It will be a great day to build up your profile to a world of new faces and new opportunities. It may prove to be the conference where you get to know the right people to help you with your career and open doors that you would not be able to reach on your own.

4. Learn From The Experts

The conference is a fantastic opportunity to ask professionals your questions and achieve an insight into how our speakers used their MPharm degree to facilitate the career path they have selected. It could help signpost you to appropriate resources and services that could enrich your vocational decisions for your future.

3. Be Inspired

Be encouraged and motivated by our high-achieving speakers and feel part of a bigger Pharmacy community. Take full advantage of the workshops available on the day, be enthused about your degree and your career in enabling you to make your dreams a reality.

2. Lunch

There is not much to say on this matter except everyone loves a free lunch.

1. Explore

Take the time to explore alternative ideas that you may not have even considered. Pharmacy is innovative, continually changing and adapting. It is a fantastic time to study this degree because trends are changing and Pharmacy can offer you diverse opportunities unlike any other professional healthcare degree. Our top tip is to come with an open mind on the day and enjoy.


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