Navin Sewak


Whenever you pick up a newspaper or listen to the news and the phrases ‘Healthcare’, ‘NHS’ and ‘Value’ are referred to, you know already it’s a story that is a guaranteed conversation starter or will perhaps induce an intense, but friendly debate. But why is it such an emotive topic? I believe it is because people are paying high attention to the provision of their healthcare, not only on who is funding it but ultimately who is spending our money, and our speaker Navin Sewak has a wealth of knowledge in the combined area of both clinical and cost effectiveness.

Navin studied at Bradford University and graduated in 2003. He commenced his career as Resident Pharmacist at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust before moving into Primary Care,  as a
Primary Care Pharmacist across London, during which he returned to education, this time focusing on health economics. A pivotal course for his impending career because it was upon its completion that Navin became a Senior Primary Care Pharmacist. Navin’s role included advising Clinical Commissioning Groups on the clinical and cost effectiveness of medicine use and he was also the formulary pharmacist at both Imperial NHS Trust and Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust involved in evaluating and formulating formulary submissions and individual funding requests for high costs drugs.

He quickly became an expert in his field and an active writer to which you can read many of his articles concerned with potentifavicon-googleal cost savings in multiple pharmaceutical journals and websites. During his time as a Senior Primary Care Pharmacist, Navin was appointed as a a committee member for NICE Technology Appraisal Programmes. Navin was one of only four Clinical Pharmacists on NICE’s internationally recognized Technology Appraisal Programmes appraising over 50 new drugs and devices and developing guidance for the NHS in England and Wales.

The experience Navin gained secured him his next role as a strategic pricing and market access consultant where he would advise both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on global pricing and reimbursement strategies for their interventions and depfizer_416x416vices. In early 2015 Navin joined Pfizer as a Clinical Effectiveness Consultant, where he is a commercially minded expert in both clinical and health economic data advocating the long-term value of medicines.  His current interests include how pharma can utilise Real World Data (RWD) to demonstrate the value of their medicines to regulators, Health Care Professionals, payers and Health Care Systems.

Navin’s presentation entitled ‘Pricing it right – innovative medicines at what cost’ will discuss why medicines pricing is such a hot topic, the definition of value, issues facing pharma and healthcare systems at present, and what the future of licensing, pricing and the access of medicines could look like. He welcomes any of your questions and will be a fantastic speaker to pay attention to.


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