Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first ever APC blog! In this blog we’re going to reflect on the conference in February and welcome in the lovely new APC team…

An organisers perspective:

After the second APC conference in February, we were eager to go through all the feedback you kindly took the time to leave us. We were very happy (and relieved) to see that lots of you found the conference a success and will be looking to return again in the future! We were also grateful to see a few suggestions for improvement which will be considered for any APC events in the future. To have a look at some of the feedback for yourselves, we will get some of the comments up on the website.

As well as asking for your feedback within the survey, we asked everyone if they would like to get involved and be part of the APC team. We were all overwhelmed with the amount of responses received and it was clear the enthusiasm from our 2017 team has influenced other students too. Continuing APC events will help to inspire future generations of students as well as promoting the creativity of students at the UEA School of Pharmacy. From here we welcomed 6 new team members to form the new APC committee, along with 3 existing members, including Emma who continues to be commitee chair.

A delegates perspective:

The Pharmacy course is full of possibilities, new beginnings or just further development of previous knowledge and it is up to us to make the most out of it. As a first year pharmacy student with no previous experiences with pharmacy conferences, one day I became intrigued by a flyer in one of the lecture theatres. A flyer promoting the APC Conference 2017 as well as addressing the issue of finding your way through the profession as a pharmacist. Not only was I genuinely curious to find out what possibilities could the pharmacy degree offer me but as the conference promised free lunch (which was actually good!) and a goodie bag, it would be pity not to attend…

The most correct phrase to describe the experience of attending the APC Conference would surely be ‘eye opening’. Learning all about the innovative approaches to modernised pharmacy made me realise how close-minded I had been by believing there were only three main areas (hospital, community pharmacy and industry) for a pharmacist to work in. Attending this conference made me really think about all the career possibilities there are after finishing my degree – and they seem endless.

Currently I am a new member of the APC committee following my desire to hear, learn and discover more, hopefully encouraging you to do the same.

Thank you for taking your time to read our first blog post and stay tuned for more as we will upload each month!

APC Team


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