Meet the new APC Committee…

Hello everyone!  

After the success of this year’s webinar, we’d like to introduce you to our new APC Committee as we start organising next year’s conference. We spoke to some of our new members and our Chair, Daniela Stoyanova, about why they decided to be a part of this year’s team… 

This is what our only first year member, Anjelina Entcheva, had to say about why she joined our committee: 

‘I saw an APC post searching for new team members after Daniela (our chair) had shared it on her Snapchat, so I decided to look at the different positions available and applied. As a person who has an interest in photography, I decided to join the APC- IT and Design team so I can find a way to combine my future profession with my hobby. I like finding different perspectives of things and this includes finding an alternative way to practice pharmacy. I believe there are other young people out there who have a similar view or passion and might need a hand to achieve that, so I would love to help them combine science and art.’ 



APC IT and Design Team, from left: Anjelina Entcheva, Carenza Smith, Todor Chergarov

Our chair, Daniela, added some of her own reasons for putting herself forward to lead in our planned events this year. She also spoke about what she aims to achieve and what you can expect from us as a committee:  

When I started studying pharmacy, I didn’t realise how many opportunities this degree has to offer. I truly enjoy community and hospital pharmacy but going outside of that box and exploring unconventional career paths is what made this degree so much more engaging. To me, the APC is about incorporating pharmacy within my interests. I’ve always enjoyed organising events but I never thought that this is something I could do as a profession. APC helped me realise that pharmacy could take me anywhere and I can still do what I enjoy with the help of my degree. 

What we are ultimately aiming to do is help students realise how interesting it could be to be a pharmacist. The APC is not just a conference that happens once a year – we want to keep everyone engaged and inspired throughout the course of their education. Our new committee is ready and excited to give you an insight into unconventional career paths like entrepreneurship, journalism and mental health pharmacy. You will also get to see the “behind the scenes” preparation for our conference and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have on different alternative pharmacy careers.  

The APC exists because of students and is made for students. Being part of APC inspired me to take risks and challenge myself, which completely changed my perception of this degree and make me appreciate it much more. I hope that the new APC committee would be able to do that for some of you as well!’ 


  Secretary Malahat Atta and APC Chair Daniela Stoyanova

Finally I would like to tell you some reasons why I nominated myself for a role in the APC committee this year: 

As a new member to the APC committee, I am very excited to be organising the upcoming conference with the other members. I am part of the APC’s marketing team and decided to nominate myself for this position as I have enjoyed promoting and advertising other events to Pharmacy students before. I was the Pharmacy Society’s Charity Rep 2017-18 and a First Year Rep 2016-17, which gave me many opportunities to organise fundraisers and raise awareness of various activities run by the society. I really wanted a change and to work with a different group of people for an equally worthwhile and important cause.

Pharmacy at times has felt quite limiting to me as a degree choice, and it was only when I started looking at all the career options out there, that I realised there are more job roles for us than people originally think. I attended the APC conference as a first year in 2017, and was really impressed. It’s so important for students to be able to learn about other career options they may not be aware of, especially as this is not covered much in the course. This conference can be as big as we make it, and the previous success of APC conferences and webinars has set us up well to produce something equally as informative and exciting, if not better!


APC Committee 2018

Back (from left): Todor Chergarov, Adnan Raja, Barbora Tomasova, Holly Gresham-Court, Carenza Smith, Daniela Stoyanova

Front (from left): Malahat Atta, Amelia Ellis, Vongai Takavarasha, Anjelina Entcheva

I hope this gives you an insight into what the APC wants to achieve and gives you an introduction to a few of our new members. Please follow our new instagram page (@altpharmcareers), and keep checking our monthly blog posts to find out more about our upcoming events.


Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post and stay tuned for more as we upload each month!

APC Committee


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